When someone dies, they may leave property and/or debts behind in the form of an estate. In many cases, the individual’s assets and liabilities will pass through a legal process known as probate, which can be both lengthy and complicated. If you are involved in a probate case in Pennsylvania, it’s wise to consult a qualified probate attorney.

About Probate in Pennsylvania

The probate process in Pennsylvania exists to resolve a deceased person’s estate after his or her death. During probate, the court reviews the deceased individual’s will, if any, as well as any other documents or estate planning arrangements the deceased individual made before he or she died. The deceased person’s debts are paid in order of priority, and any remaining property is distributed to heirs based on the instructions included in the deceased person’s will. If the deceased person didn’t leave any instructions for the distribution of property, it will pass to heirs in accordance with Pennsylvania law.

Pennsylvania offers two different probate proceedings: a simplified proceeding for smaller estates and a formal probate process for larger estates. In either process, an individual will typically be named as executor or administrator of the estate. This person will be responsible for overseeing the process from start to finish. In many cases, the executor of the estate is a family member or friend the deceased individual named in his or her will. In other cases, the executor is chosen by the court.

Hiring a Coplay Probate Attorney

If you are involved in a probated estate in Pennsylvania, seeking guidance from a Coplay Probate Attorney is the best way to ensure that the estate is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. A licensed, experienced probate attorney will be able to review the estate, tell you which probate process is required and assist you in completing all of the necessary steps to complete the probate process.

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Here at the McCrystal Law Office, we have many years of experience representing clients who are involved in probate cases. If you are dealing with such a case, contact our office today to schedule a consultation and discuss your situation in detail. The longer the case continues, the more money the estate will lose, so it’s best to move quickly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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